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Cearan Mhoire Cheeky

Part-bred pony

Cheeky is an extensively restored vintage Pony Hunter. His mouth letter is d, meaning he was made in 1974. I fell in love with this model in his auction picture, despite his decrepit state. His "before" pictures can be seen in his restoration story.

The mold is supposed to stand square, but the model came to me with the off-hind leg in a cocked position, so I copied that when I resculpted the limb. He has been repainted, but effort has been made to closely match the original colour and painting style.

Cearan Mhoire Camus

Thoroughbred part-bred

Camus is from the same auction as Cheeky and has been heavily restored, too. His name comes from that of the main character of The Unbearable Bassington, by Saki

Camus is a 70s Foal, or as they're sometimes called, a "Camel" Foal. He didn't have a mouth letter, but he was purchased some time in the early 70s.

Cearan Mhoire Jubilee

Welsh Cob

Jubilee is the other foal from the Cheeky auction and, like the others from that lot, has been heavily restored. When she arrived, she didn't have a face, just a chewed lump on the end of her neck. She doesn't look that bad in her "before" pictures, but trust me, it was bad.

She has been repainted to her original colour and markings and her leg position is close to the way she had hardened.

I've been wanting a Vintage Yearling for a while, and was thrilled to win this adorable little filly and give her a new life. She doesn't have a mouth letter, but she was purchased some time in the early 70s