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Cearan Mhoire Willowmere Impulsive Venture

Andalusian gelding

Venti is a Dressage Horse spare from the 2015 Lake District Live show and my second equine spare.

I felt his colouring and hair gave him a rather willowy look and my snatch and grab during the Spares Frenzy was thoroughly impulsive.

Cearan Mhoire Reothart Dubhadh Gréine

Chincoteague Pony Mare

Reo was my first Julip horse and was purchased second-hand through Facebook in 2015.

She's the Family Horse mold and was created around 2008. She was rehaired from cream-coloured synthetic hair to white mohair by myself.

Her name is Gaelic for springtide solar eclipse - she arrived on the day of the March 2015 solar eclipse.

Cearan Mhoire Mistletoe

Miniature Horse Mare

Mistletoe was a left-over spare from the 2015 Lake District Live show; I purchased her when she was put up for sale on the J-Club forum with the other left-overs.

I was so tempted to buy her at the show, so it was fate when I managed to snatch her up during the Spares Night frenzy

Cearan Mhoire Moonshadows

Highland Pony Part-bred Mare

Moonshadow is a 2000-2001 Silver Moon on the HOTY Pony mold. I bought her, plus tack and rider for 99p + shipping on eBay.

She needed a little work; her mane was loose and needed to be glued back in place, but other than that, and needing some hairstyling, she was in lovely condition.

Cearan Mhoire Velveeta

Welsh Pony x Thoroughbred Mare

For those who are not aficionados of American artificial cheese products, Velveeta is a brand of "cheese" which comes in disturbingly yellow blocks which look exactly like Veeta here...and has about the same shelf-life.

This gummy, plasticy cheese product tastes of evil on its own, but does make a delicious queso dip.

Veeta is a post-1989 HOTY Arab Champion made of the hard glossy plastic of the later HOTYS.

Her hair was a bit tatty when she arrived and I thought I might need to replace it, but after I glued the mane back into place, a simple wash with conditioner and a combing was enough to set her right.

Cearan Mhoire Gris-Gris

Welsh Pony x Thoroughbred Mare

This grey HOTY Arab Champion is one of the 1989 models which was made of soft rubber with wired legs.

Later models of the other colours were made of a hard, shiny plastic, but the grey was only available in rubber.

This model was given to me by Miss Adelaide at Lake District Live in 2015 as a project horse. She has been given new hair, a new off-fore hoof, and all four hooves have been repainted. Her leg wires are broken, so she's not poseable and can be a little tippy, but I didn't want to perform major surgery on her for such a small issue.

Greis-Gris is an African Voodoo charm, often worn for luck or protection. In some languages Gris means grey, making it an appropriate name for our mare.