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Cearan Mhoire Shiohigari

Yonaguni x Hunter-type part-bred Mare

Shio is a spare from November 2009; I purchased her in 2016 through eBay. She was formerly a gelding named Quiz with synthetic white and black hair, but was given a sex change and rehaired with chocolate and white mohair when she arrived at Farfrae.

Her name is Japanese for "shell gathering at low tide" as I got a rather beachy vibe from her.

Cearan Mhoire Noridasu

Yonaguni x Hunter-type part-bred Gelding

Nori was a special order from 2012 and was commissioned as a rough portrait of a horse named Harley.

When Nori arrived at Farfrae he was rehaired from black and white nylon to chocolate and white mohair and had his damaged muzzle touched up a bit.

While I had the airbrush out he also got some shading on his knees/hocks and ears, and a few spots touched up.

Her name is Japanese for "setting sail" to go with Shio's nautical themed name.

Cearan Mhoire Pom Poko

Dosanko x Hunter-type part-bred gelding

Poko was a special order from some time between 2005 and 2007. The original owner asked for a general colour and pattern and left the details to the Julip painters.

He has been rehaired by myself from white and dark brown synthetic hair to flaxen and white mohair.

I wanted a forest-themed name for Poko, but couldn't find any Japanese word to suit. I finally thought of one of my favourite anime movies; what could be more "forest" than a tanuki war?