Stories from Farfrae Farm

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Cearan Mhoire Kudzu

Kudzu is one of those abandoned pets. It seems amazing that someone would find it so easy to leave behind such a good-natured bundle of hair.

He appers to be some sort of Shetland Sheepdog cross and his copious quantity of hair earned him the name of the plant that ate the South.

Cearan Mhoire Grimm

Grimm was a long-term inmate of a rather shady, and thankfully now defunct animal rescue.

This Sky Terrier cross is stand-offish with other dogs and very shy of strange humans, though he adores (from a distance and with great decorum) his chosen few.

Cearan Mhoire Lorax

Despite his rather solemn appearance, Lori is one of the most outgoing and friendly of the Farfrae pack.

We adopted him as a puppy and he quickly became the official greeter on the farm and an outstanding ratter, often shaming the cats with his prolific catches. We know his mother was a Sealyham Terrier, but it's anyone's guess as to his father.

Cearan Mhoire James Augustus, Beautiful Joe, & Malta

Malta should be in the cat section, but she refused to leave her companions. Malta was a gift to our family from a nephew. Jim was also given to us by a family member after his hearing was damaged in a hunting accident. Joe was a rescue from a horribly abusive home

If you're interested in learning more about the real Beautiful Joe and his role in raising awareness about animal cruelty, the Wikipedia page is a good place to start and the story can be found on Project Gutenberg

Cearan Mhoire Perdita & Pirate Pete

Our two spotty dogs came to us from a friend who trains animals to harness for their traveling act.

Perdi and Pete loved the work, but couldn't stand the crowds, so they joined our family where it's slightly quieter and less chaotic than a life of showbiz.

Cearan Mhoire Kipper, Frisk, & Moorkavie

This trio are always on the go and wound just a leeeeetle too tightly.

These Jack Russell mix terriers came to us from a neighbour's "oops" litter and are responsible for our microscopic rodent population.

They are not popular with the cats who head for the loft when these three are on the rampage.

Cearan Mhoire Kairos & Chronos

The "time terriers" are our senior citizens. Unlike the terrible trio, this pair of terrier-crosses take things nice and easy and greatly prefer a nap in the sun to ratting or terrorizing the cats.

Cearan Mhoire Shandy

We inherited Shandy when one of our neighbours passed away last fall. She's used to being an only-dog and her former owner was a she's a little on the neurotic side.

Shandy prefers the life of a house dog and only rarely ventures into the yard, instead preferring more solitary walks about town with one or two members of the family.

Cearan Mhoire Titch, Suzie, & Tip

Suzie was dumped by our gates one June a few years ago, starved, bedraggled, and full of puppies. Of the litter, only Titch and Tip survived the birth and we quickly grew attached to them.

Suzie's sons inherited her delightful personality and they love greeting guests and following along on the shorter hacks.

Cearan Mhoire Mulligan & Niiro

Mull and Ro grew up together and ended up at a near-by shelter when their owner's new wife decided after the wedding that she hated dogs.

Fortunately they were adopted together and now have a permanent home here. It turns out their former owner is local and after seeing them in Caddam Wood on one of our hacks, suddenly developed an interest in learning to ride. He comes out at least twice a week for a lesson (and some dog time) and is actually turning into a fine rider.

Cearan Mhoire Atreyu

Tre is a pure-bred Catahoula Hound and is a very well-traveled dog. He is originally from Louisiana, but ended up in Arbroath via Australia, Thailand, and France.

His owner gave him to us when his next job was going to take him to Saudi Arabia and he felt the apartment life would be too restrictive for Tre.

Cearan Mhoire Rosalie

Rosie was another dumped dog and we can't imagine why unless it was her tendency to wee a little when she gets too excited.

She appears to be a pure-bred Springer Spaniel and is good natured, obedient, and very affectionate.

Cearan Mhoire Beauregard

Beau is a Bernese Mountain Dog who ended up with us when his owners moved to Florida to retire near their children.

He's a bit shy in general, but never misses a hack. His favourite part of the year is the spring and summer when he travels with us to our camp up in Glen Isla for the pony trekking season.