Stories from Farfrae Farm

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Cearan Mhoire Jingle

Jingle wandered onto the farm one winter day and never showed any inclination to wander away again.

She absolutely refuses to hunt, but is an excellent hay, blanket, couch, or any-thing-soft warmer.

Cearan Mhoire Tabernasty, Kalyani, & Kunja

Tabernasty is the oldes cat on the farm as she was our childhood pet. She's always been a bit wild and headstrong and loves the sound of bagpipes and whistling.

Kalyani and Kunja were the results of a fling when she snuck out of the house the week before her spay appointment.

Cearan Mhoire Maxwell & Oliver

In general the cats of Farfrae are thoroughly domestic and even on the lazy side. The black and white brothers exist to throw off the curve.

Max and Ollie are always into everything and never miss the chance for a bit of adventure and mayhem.

Cearan Mhoire Merry & Shula The pound sisters, Merry and Shula catch a nap in the hotly contested bedding shed.

These two aren't actually sisters, but bonded so closely during their time at the cat rescue that we didn't even try to separate them when we came looking for a new feline companion.