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Pegasus was another of Julip's very early competitors in the early 1960s. Like Julip at the time, Pegasus was located in London.

Molds were around 1:12 scale, around 3-6 inches tall at the withers. There were a variety of breeds available as well as tack, pets, stables, riders, and other accessories. The brand was only around for a few years and examples are extremely rare.

Some identifying characteristics seem to be long, very thin legs, narrow heads, large eyes, and a tendency to "go over" their forelegs as they age.

Very little is known about Pegasus, but there are a few Facebook groups where information might surface, specifically CAROUSEL the 'CTF' Model Horse Owners' Group, Model Horse Vintage Group, and British Model Horse Collectors.

Known Molds:

Horse, Racing Horse, Pony, Donkey, Donkey Foal, Foal, Foxhound, Fox.


6 inches tall at the withers


Donkey Foal


7.2 cm (3 in) tall at the withers, 9.2 cm (3.6 in) at the ears. This particular model was repainted by a previous owner.

Racing Horse


There may have been more than one hound mold.


The riders were latex with sculpted latex clothing.


Saddles were latex with added leather trimmings.


April 1962


November 1961