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Otway was another of Julip's very early competitors in the early 1960s. Like Julip at the time, Otway was located in Knightsbridge, London.

Molds were around 1:12 scale and stood around 3-4 inches high at the withers. There were a variety of breeds available as well as tack, pets, stables, riders, and other accessories, including a Pony print cushion. Otway offered a range of colours and would even paint portrait models for no extra charge.

The brand was only around for a few years and examples are incredibly rare.

Very little is known about Otway, but there are a few Facebook groups where information might surface, specifically CAROUSEL the 'CTF' Model Horse Owners' Group, Model Horse Vintage Group, and British Model Horse Collectors.

Known Molds:

Thoroughbred (5 in), Riding Pony (3-4 in), Shetland (2.5 in), Merrylegs (3 in), Black Beauty (5 in), Ginger (5 in), Hunter (5 in). All measurements to the withers.