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Isis, named for the river near the owner's home in Berkshire, was Julip's first major competitor. The models were made in a similar way from a "rubber compound" with wired legs, hair manes and tails. They were advertised as "washable" and owners were advised to give the models a rub with a "good wax polish" - something I don't think I'd try.

Inspired by her daughter's love of horses, Margaret Hughes Hartmann, a trained teacher, founded the company using her own sculptures. When business began to increase, production was moved from the family home to a premises in Eaton Hastings, in Berkshire. The line continued to expand with more molds, tack, wooden jumps which were produced by an outside craftsperson, a Yearling money box, and even a card game called "Tack".

Standard colours offered were Black, Dapple Grey, Grey Roan, Albino, Chestnut, Bay (light or dark), Piebald, Skewbald, but they were willing to try to reproduce other colour requests. In the catalogue, the models' heights were listed in hands with three hands to the inch.

Isis models were produced from the early 1960s (likely around 1960 or 61) to 1967; the death of Mrs. Hartman's husband brought the business to a close. Due to a house fire, the original molds, paperwork, and the family's Isis collection was destroyed. As Isis models were made for a short period, they are currently difficult to find, though not as rare as some of the other brands.

Compared to Julips, Isis models tend to have flatter sides, bigger heads, and thicker paint. The more common eye style tends to be the black dot and eyelid combination. As they age, the models tend to set very hard rather than going soft like some Julips.

The molds listed below are those which are known through surviving advertisments - there are likely others which are now unknown.

Isis collectors and pictures can be found in a few Facebook groups, specifically CAROUSEL the 'CTF' Model Horse Owners' Group, Model Horse Vintage Group, and British Model Horse Collectors.

Arabian Mare

Arabian Stallion

Around 15 hands or 5 inches tall at the withers

Child's Pony

12 hands or 4 inches high at the withers.


Probably around 3 to 3.5 inches high at the withers.


16 hands or 5.3 inches high at the withers.

Miniature Shetland Pony

9 hands or 3 inches high at the withers.

Pony Mare

12.2 hands or 4.06 inches high at the withers.

Pony Stallion

13.2 hands or 4.7 inches high at the withers.

Standing Foal

2 inches at the withers. Offered with molded or hair mane and tail.

Standing Foal

Haired example


Around 16.5 hands or 5.5 inches at the withers

Walking Foal

2.75 in at the withers. Offered with molded or hair mane and tail.

Walking Horse

15 hands or 5 inches high at the withers.

Walking Horse

Pinto example

Walking Pony

14 hands or 4.6 inches high at the withers.

Welsh Pony

Yearling Money Box (lying)

Available in chestnut, palomino, "grey roan", white, and black.



Probably around 2 to 2.5 inches tall.

Walking Foxhound