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This company was started in 2008 by Helen Moore and are still in production as of 2020. Like Julips, Equorum models are latex with wired legs and docks and hair manes and tails. Around 2009, Helen began wiring the necks as well. These models tend to be heavier than other, similar brands.

Custom alterations to individual models is not uncommon which can sometimes make ID challenging. A variety of fibers is used for the hair, often raw silk, flax, natural alpaca, suri alpaca, etc.

The older molds tend to be 1:12 scale, while the newer ones are around 1:9. There are two smaller lines - the Pixies, which are no longer in production and the larger, 4-Square models which can be still be ordered. An assortment of pets and riders have been available at various times, as well as tack, jumps, buildings, and other accessories.

Individual models are usually marked on the bottom of the hoof or paw with the date and come with a registration certificate. The format for this numbering can vary: just the year; EQ + Year; EQ + Month + Year; EQ + two digit year + mold pull # + mold initials; EF (for Foundation?) + two digit year + mold pull #.

Equorum models can be purchased through the official Equorum website and like-minded collectors and lots of pictures can be found in the Equorum Facebook group.

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