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The Pony In My Pocket brand began in the 1990s as sets of small, rubbery plastic model horses in a range of poses and breeds and were often sold as families. Each model had a name and a breed card.

After a hiatus of a decade or so, Pony In My Pocket returned in the early 2000s. The reborn line featured all new, more cartoon-like, molds and instead of being smooth plastic, were flocked in a range of fairly realistic colours (there was also a set of rainbow models). Like the earlier models, each one was given a name and a breed (but no breed cards this time).

This site focuses only on the flocked models produced in the 2000s. An excellent site for the models produced in the 90s can be found on our links page. We also include equine models released in the other "In My Pocket" lines.

There were two series of models - Series One was first released in single mystery packs and later released in four packs. Series Two was only released in these four-packs. During Season One, sets of Newborns, miniature versions of the Series One models, were added to the line.

There were also several family sets made which featured larger "Mommy" models which were hollow and had hair manes and tails. They, like their foals were flocked like the other Pony IMP models.

Later, new models were introduced (possibly only in the States) in playsets. Some of the models appear to be re-releases of earlier models, and some of the molds have been altered. The jewelry sets feature mini molds like the Newborns, but they're slightly larger than the earlier models and have a hole in one side to attach them to their accessory.

Identification of Pony In My Pocket models is pretty straight forward, though some colours and molds are somewhat similar. The shade can vary slightly between individuals of a particular colour, but this is usually only discernable when multiples of the same model are next to each other and isn't pronounced enough to cause identification confusion.

While Pony IMP are more sturdy than other brands, they still suffer from their own condition issues. Flocking can be rubbed away with rough treatment, and is prone to staining. Some staining and surface dirt can be removed by gently scrubbing the model with an old toothbrush dipped in dish soap and warm water.

Pony in My Pocket models are fairly elusive little critters, so if you have pictures you would like to contribute, please email me at Julipfan@labratango.com.

A big, big thank you to everyone who has generously contributed information and pictures to the site, and a special thank you to Beth H's Pinterest boards which have proved invaluable resources. A link to their boards can be found on our links page.

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