A Pocket Full of Ponies

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Quarter Pony

Height: 36 mm (1.41 in)

Series One

Kacie the Quarter Pony

Orange-brown with lighter mane/tail, orange eyes, cream hooves

Series One

All Star the Quarter Pony

Dark brown with black mane/tail, black hooves

Series One

Philapina the Magic Purple Pony


Six different purple ponies with names starting with P were hidden in random triple-pack boxes.

Production numbers are unknown, but they were advertised as "ultra rare".

Series Two

Annabella the Egyptian

White with white mane/tail, grey eyes, cream hooves

Rainbow Ponies 10 Pack

Mysty the British Spotted Pony

Dark blue with blue mane/tail, blue eyes, cream hooves

Crystal Little Home Set

Cameron the Quarter Pony

Brown with dark flaxen mane/tail, blaze, brown eyes, cream hooves

New version of the Quarter Pony mold with some slight alterations.

Set with the clear pink house with blue roof