A Pocket Full of Ponies

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Height: 38 mm (1.49 in)

Series One

Tahema the Morgan

Brown with darker shaded back & mane/tail, blue eyes, cream hooves

Series One

Shimmer the Morgan

Black with cream mane/tail, white stockings & muzzle, brown eyes, cream hooves

Series Two

Red the Paint Horse

Pink & white pinto with white mane/tail, green eyes, cream hooves

Derby Diner Set

Unknown Name

Dark brown with dark flaxen mane/tail, black hooves

Possibly only produced for the promotional pictures. It is unknown if this version was released in actual sets.

Derby Diner Set

Unknown Name

Grey with flaxen mane/tail, black hooves

Ski Lodge Set

Unknown Name

Brown with flaxen mane/tail, cream hooves

Pampered Pony Spa Set


Brown with brown mane/tail, blaze, cream hooves

Also included in Pony Little Home set (blue house with pink roof)