A Pocket Full of Ponies

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Height: 40 mm (1.57 in)

Series One

Nina the Icelandic

Pale yellow with pink shading, white mane/tail, blaze, socks, green eyes, cream hooves

Series One

Brenna the Icelandic

Dark brown with white mane/tail, blue eyes, black hooves

Series Two

Juniper the Caspian

Brown with black shaded legs, mane/tail, blaze, blue eyes, black hooves

Rainbow Ponies 10 Pack

Maddie the Mongolian

Sky blue with blue mane/tail, blue eyes, cream hooves

Phunkie Pet Pouch Set


White with yellow shading on upper legs, black band below that, white socks, white mane/tail

New version of the Icelandic mold with some slight alterations.