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Newborns (Q-Z)

Newborns are around an inch tall and are miniature versions of the adult molds. Some Newborns have holes in their sides, likely indicating they were part of a jewelry set.

A quick way to determine whether a model in a picture is Newborn or adult is to check the hooves. Newborns have flocked hooves while adults have hard plastic hooves which are molded separately from the body.

Newborn Quarab

Newborns Series One

Cyclone the Quarab

Peachy-pink with orange body shading, orange shaded pink mane/tail, green eyes

Also sold as a Charm Pony

Newborns Series One

Ransom the Quarab

Grey with black shaded back & legs, black/grey mane/tail

Newborns Series Two

Arabella the Mongolian

Brown with black shaded legs, mane/tail, socks, blaze, green eyes

Locket Bracelet Set

Unknown Name (Corey or Peyton)

Orange-brown with red-orange shading on back, red-orange mane/tail

Newborn Quarter Horse

Newborns Series One

Champion the Quarter Horse

Orange-peach with yellow mane/tail, socks, green eyes

Newborns Series Two

Kravitz the Misaki

Tan with black mane/tail, black legs

Charm Pony Jewelry Set

Unknown Name (Maggie, Pixie, or Cameron)

Cream with yellow mane/tail

Charm Pony Jewelry Set

Unknown Name (Liberty, Misha, or Penny)

Orange brown with flaxen mane/tail, blaze

Also in Cuff Bracelet Set (Paris)

Newborn Quarter Pony

Newborns Series One

Kacie the Quarter Pony

Orange-brown with lighter mane/tail, orange eyes

Also sold as a Charm Pony

Newborns Series One

All Star the Quarter Pony

Dark brown with black mane/tail

Newborns Series Two

Annabella the Egyptian

White with grey shading on white mane/tail, grey eyes

Charm Pony Jewelry

Unknown Name (Maggie, Pixie, or Cameron)

Orange-brown with lighter mane/tail, blaze

Newborn Shetland

Newborns Series One

Robin the Shetland

Light cream with white mane/tail, socks, muzzle, grey eyes

Newborns Series One

Pixie the Shetland

Orange-brown with lighter mane/tail, grey eyes

Charm Bracelet Set

Unknown Name

Light cream with white mane/tail

Newborn Standardbred

Newborns Series One

Silver the Standardbred

Grey with white spots, white mane/tail, blaze, blue eyes

Newborns Series One

Layla the Standardbred

Brown with dark brown mane/tail, shaded black legs, star, grey eyes

Newborns Series Two

Bud the Australian Brumby

Tan with darker shading down the back, star, dark brown , black legs & mane/tail, blue eyes

Charm Ponies Set


Grey with white mane/tail, white dots on body, blaze

Newborn Tennessee Walker

Newborns Series One

Dolly the Tennessee Walker

Very dark brown with black mane/tail, blaze, orange eyes

Also sold as a Charm Pony

Newborns Series One

Waylon the Tennessee Walker

Cream with grey mane/tail, green eyes

Newborns Series Two

Madison the Dales Pony

Grey with white dots, white mane/tail, socks, blue eyes, pink muzzle

Newborn Welsh Pony

Newborns Series One

Miranda the Welsh Pony

Brown with darker mane/tail, brown eyes

Newborns Series One

Belinda the Welsh Pony

Very dark brown with black mane/tail, grey eyes, star socks

Newborn Welsh Pony

Weston the Suffolk

Newborns Series Two

Orange with yellow mane/tail, blue eyes

Newborn Zebra

Jungle In My Pocket Newborns

Zako the Zebra

White with grey stripes, pink cheeks, grey eyes