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Originally published June 19, 2015

We're Turning Two!

Can you believe it?! We're turning two next Sunday!

In celebration of our second birthday we will have a full week of posts! Some will be our usually scheduled Profile posts, others will cover a range of fun topics. Don't forget to come have a look on Monday and to keep checking back throughout the week!

Originally published June 28, 2015

Happy 2nd Birthday Many Mini Hooves!

Two years ago today we made our first post! In these two years we've managed to cover the history of the G1 molds; they will continue to pop up from time to time in some posts, but now our focus is going to shift to the G2 molds which were first released in 1998.

A few other changes will also be taking place:

  1. Profile posts as weekly feature will be discontinued - they may appear occasionally as bonus posts.
  2. Posts will be once a week rather than 1-2 times a week.
  3. Variation Gallery posts will be scarce as variations are less common in the G2 line

While today is our second birthday, this year is the 20th birthday for someone else - The 1995 Stablemate Assortment!

This was the first entirely new Stablemate assortment since the scale was first released in 1975. All of the previous assortments had included a few earlier runs. This assortment also featured the first patterned Native Dancer - also the first regular run appaloosa - and the first pinto Stablemate.

A huge thank you to all the following folks for all their contributions over the past two years! There would have been some pretty bare posts without your help!

  • Allison Dunning
  • Amanda Courtney
  • Amanda Reed
  • Amy Widman
  • Anita Poole
  • Anna Bentley
  • Annmarie Pottrell
  • Bess Ward
  • Cassiecat on eBay
  • Christine Ethier
  • Crystal Rowland
  • Damaia
  • Davesflea4all on eBay
  • Deana Sprague
  • Deb Walsmith
  • Delana Metcalf
  • Dorothy Graham
  • Eleda at Triple Mountain
  • Elizabeth Emswiler
  • Erin Hupp on eBay
  • Franceyn Dare of Dare Horses
  • Froghollow Studio
  • George
  • Heather H.
  • Janice Eames
  • Jen Boss
  • Jill O'Connor
  • Katja Contu
  • Kim Geelan
  • Kris Chernoff of ModelEquus
  • Kristy Thiessen of Kay's Creations
  • Laughing Mare Acres
  • LeeAnn Bachman
  • Lori Ogozalek
  • Lucy Kusluch
  • Lynda Ann Miller
  • Mary Hackathorn
  • Mily Huff
  • MySt of My Stablemates
  • NoLine Farm
  • Pam Pramuka
  • PolarVrtX
  • Randa Garrett of Twin Springs Stables
  • Sande Schneider
  • Shana Bobbitt
  • Shannon Hayden
  • Sharon E.
  • Sharon Walbridge
  • Stacy Quick
  • Stephanie Hamme
  • Tracy Wells