Many Mini Hooves

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Originally published October 4, 2013

It's My Party and I'll Blog if I Want To

Since today is my birthday I thought I would have a look back through my collection and do a group photograph of the various Stablemate scale models I received on my birthday. I ran a little database query and was shocked by the results - out of over 800 Stablemates, though I purchased many with birthday money, I only received three as actual gifts!

The first, Stonehenge, was my first Stablemate and one of my earliest Breyers. He has been thoroughly well-loved, though being a dapple grey, he doesn't show it too badly. He was my cake topper for my 12th birthday in 1993 and I thought he was just wonderful. The next year I managed to convince my mother that my cake topper should be a Traditional scale Llanarth True Briton, though he had to stand behind the cake as he was so heavy he would have sunken into it up to his belly.

Stonehenge is a regular run Stablemate Assortment #5180 Draft Horse which ran from 1989 through 1994. My particular model is made with the new plastic, so he was made some time between 1992 and September of 1993.

My other two birthday Stablemates were also cake toppers, only this time it was 2009 and I was 28. In our family we say, "Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional", so who am I to buck tradition? Anyway, DiMaggio and his foal, Take Me To the Mardi Gras graced my cake, my family teased me about my plastic pony obsession, and I happily licked the icing off my models before adding them to the herd.

The Sport Horse - bay and chestnut foal was released in 2007 through 2009 as both Target Special Run #720599 and Regular Run #5924. Yes, there's a story there, but never fear, it will be the subject of an epic post down the road.

I think it may be about time for another Stablemate birthday cake. This would be a better world if there were more tiny horses running on cakes, don't you think?