Many Mini Hooves

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History Topics

  • Singles Assortment - This is the collection of models which are sold in individual blister packs. Originally called the Stablemate Series, this group has since been variously called assortments or singles. In the 1970s and 1980s, multiple colours on each mold would be produced, but since then the assortment has settled into a collection of twelve different molds, each in one colour. Posts will contain group pictures of each group in release order and discuss the colours available and details of release.

  • Gift Set - These contain three or more (usually up to six) models and do not come with any accessories. Sets of this type have also been called Gift Packs, Collections, or just (Name of run) Sets. I consider the Mare/Foal sets Gift Set subgroups and will be discussing them under that heading. Also falling under the Gift Set heading are the special run releases of 10-12 models from Sears and JCPenney, frequently referred to as "Stablemate Assortments" and most recently, "Parade of Breeds".

  • Play Set - As the name implies, these sets come with accessories to use with your models during play. Sets generally contain one to three models, but have been known to come with more or even none. They are sometimes just referred to as (Name of run) Sets. Some major subgroups of the Play Set topic that we'll be discussing are the Little Red Stables, Pocket Barns, and Activity Sets.

  • Singles - This is sort of the miscellaneous drawer of the topics. There are a handful of models, usually special runs that were either released completely by themselves or packaged with a non-equine item. Keychains also fall under this heading.