Many Mini Hooves

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Individual Mold Topics

  • Conga! - A conga in the model horse world refers to a collection of multiple examples of one mold. Often a conga collector will seek to acquire all of the runs available for a certain mold. As you would expect, these posts will show the various Stablemate molds in their congas. Conga! posts are followed by their Look-Alikes post the next week.
  • Look-Alikes - With so many Stablemates being released and only a finite number of horse colours available, there are bound to be some runs that very closely resemble one another. These posts are meant to provide a bit of a guide to identifying which is what.
  • Profile - Profile posts are lighter fare. These posts will highlight one model from a run, show pictures from both sides, list its statistics (run name, number, mold, length of run, etc.) and possibly discuss some points of interest such as colour genetics and/or breed assignment.
  • Variation Spotlight - These posts, as the title implies, will spotlight the variations in a particular run. These are only models I possess myself; this is not meant to be taken as a comprehensive list of variations.
  • Variation Gallery - These posts consist of pictures donated by other collectors of one particular run in an effort to document a sample of the range of variations in existence.