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Originally published September 2, 2016

Singles: BreyerFest Single Day Ticket Models

In the beginning, the only ticket available for BreyerFest was the full three-day ticket which came with the Traditional scale celebration model. In 2004, Breyer began offering the Single-Day ticket. These could be purchased for Friday, Saturday, or Sunday and came with a special Stablemate.

The models were given out in white gift boxes, nestled in a bed of blue satin. The packaging felt quite luxurious and kept the model protected during a busy day at the horse park.

The first Single Day model was #711964 Amando (2004), a glossy bay G2 Andalusian. This model is basically a glossed version of #5904 from the 2003-06 Stablemate assortment and 2,000 of these models were produced.

Breyer upped the ante a bit for the 2005 BreyerFest. The Single Day models were still packaged in the white boxes, but this time it came with accessories. 4,000 of the #711215 Ronin (2005) sets were made. These contained a glossy dappled white-grey G2 Clydesdale in blue and silver jousting tack.

The 2006 Single Day Ticket model was even more elaborate, this time there wasn't only tack, there were accessories. #711206 Trixie (2006), a glossy palomino G2 Paso Fino, was dressed in circus tack and came with her show accessories. 3,050 of these sets were produced.

In 2007, Breyer tried something a little different. This year there wasn't any fancy tack and the models weren't glossy, but now there were two different models. A Single Day ticket holder had the chance of choosing Stars or Stripes. Depending on who was handing out the models, one could have their pick or simply rely on luck of the draw.

#711027 Stars (2007) is a black roan G3 Rearing Andalusian with a white star pattern over his body and #711207 Stripes (2007) is a chestnut roan G3 Mustang with a waving stripe pattern on his body. 1,525 of each model was made.

2008 saw the Single Day special back to a single model. #711208 Compass (2008) is a bay frame overo G3 Cantering Warmblood. The pinto pattern makes a map of the continents of the world. 2,500 of these models were made.

For the 2009 Birthday Bash Breyer tried something new - a Gambler's Choice with five different colours available. These will be covered in another post.

In 2010 Breyer returned to the single model formula. Like in 2007, there were two models available, but this time, the packaging had changed. Instead of white boxes, the models came in red velvet drawstring bags. 1,500 of each model were made.

#711210 Oscar (2010) is a black splash G2 Rearing Arabian. The model has a pearly finish which is especially noticeable on the with markings.

#711211 Emmy (2010) is a dappled flaxen chestnut G2 American Saddlebred with the same rich pearly finish as Oscar.

Many thanks to Sharon Walbridge and Kris Chernoff of Model Equus for providing pictures for this post!

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