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Originally published June 26, 2016 during Birthday Week

Not My First Rodeo - Collectibulls, Horses, & Riders

Not Stablemates, but Stablemate-scale, in 2004 a new collection appeared in the Breyer catalogue - the Collectibull Collection. There are six molds, sculpted by Carol Herden and Jane Lugner, in the first collection which depict famous rodeo bulls in dynamic bucking poses. Each bull was supported by a clear acrylic rod which rested in a base made to look like a churned-up arena floor; a small name plaque is nestled in the "dirt".

The Collectibull Collection was available from 2004 through 2006 and consisted of the following bovine superstars:

  • #62011 Little Yellow Jacket, chestnut
  • #62012 Nightlife, black
  • #62015 Mudslinger, brown brindle
  • #62010 Blueberry Wine, blue roan
  • #62012 Hammer, chestnut brindle
  • #62014 Clayton's Pet, cream

Blueberry Wine also appeared in the #60110 Blueberry Wine Play Set (2004-06) along with a range of props such as cowboys, fencing, and medical kit.

Mudslinger also got his own play set - #60110 Mudslinger Play Set (2004-06) Besides accessories similar to those in the Blueberry Wine set, this one included a buckskin G2 Stock Horse as well.

Blueberry Wine, Clayton's Pet, and Mudslinger were also sold together in the #410234 CollectiBulls Three-Piece Set through JCPenney in 2004. Resin versions of Blueberry Wine, Hammer, Little Yellow Jacket, and Clayton's Pet were released as ornaments in the 2004 holiday collection.

Four new molds appeared in 2006 and were only available through Tractor Supply Co and only for the year.

  • Slingblade, yellow
  • Neon Nights, chestnut spotted
  • Hotel California, brown
  • Ugly, black

The newest Collectibull Collection was released in 2010 and were discontinued at the end of 2018. This time the single bulls came with a few props, too. The bulls don't appear to be representations of a specific bull, they're just nice colours with "fierce" names:

  • Neon Nights Mold: #5965 PBR Jalapeno, chestnut roan (rodeo clown and barrel)
  • Nightlife Mold: #5967 PBR Rollercoaster, black (cowboy and fencing)
  • Clayton's Pet #5964 PBR Loco Louie, grey (cowboy and fencing)

A play set joined the three singles in 2013 and was available through 2018. The #5359 CollectiBulls Rodeo comes with a G2 Stock Horse in dark chestnut which is essentially the same as #5904 and a yellow bull on the Mudslinger mold.

Many thanks to Sharon Walbridge and Deb Walsmith for providing pictures for this post!

Originally published March 31, 2017

Play Sets: Puppies, and Kittens, and Foals, Oh My!

2006 saw the introduction of some interesting sets, one of these was the Puppies & Foals set.

#5302 Stablemates Puppies and Foals Play Set (2006-07) came with three little puppies and three delightful foals: a buckskin tobiano G2 Frolicking Foal, bay frame overo G2 Scratching Foal, and a palomino G2 Cantering Foal.

In 2008 the puppies were replaced with kittens in the #5406 Kittens & Foals Play Set (2008-09). The foals included are a chestnut roan G3 Lying Foal, G3 standing foal in dark bay blanket appaloosa, and a white-grey G2 Trotting foal with shaded dark grey points.

The final pets and foals set released thus far is the Target #720233 Pony Gals - Puppies and Foals Play Set (2009). Three puppies frolicked with a chestnut frame overo G2 Frolicking Foal, a pale palomino G2 Trotting Foal, and a G2 Scratching Foal in black roan.

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