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Originally published May 27, 2016

Gift Set: Special Run Stablemate Assortments – A New Generation

The JCPenney Stablemate collections were last seen in 1997, and the last special run Stablemate collection was issued by Sears in 1998. In 2004 the special run collections returned to the JCPenney Holiday Catalogue. The sets were now called Parade of Breeds and though there were only ten models instead of twelve, they did come with a poster.

The 2004 set was the only set released with G1 and G2 molds. The poster provided more detailed information about the models than previous sets; according to the poster, the models are:

  • "American Saddlebred, Red Roan" (G1 Saddlebred)
  • "American Saddlebred, Steel Grey with Blue and White Show Braids" (G2 American Saddlebred)
  • "Mustang, Bay Pinto" (G2 Rearing Arabian)
  • "Thoroughbred Mare, Dapple Grey" (G1 Thoroughbred Mare)
  • "Half-Arabian, Grullo Pinto" (G1 Arabian Mare)
  • "Pinto Sporthorse, Black and White Pinto" (G2 Thoroughbred)
  • "Appaloosa Sporthorse, Bay Leopard Spotted" (G2 Warmblood)
  • "Draft Horse, Bay Roan" (G1 Draft Horse)
  • "Arabian Stallion, Rose Grey" (G1 Arabian Stallion)
  • "Lusitano, Chestnut" (G2 Andalusian)

This group featured some beautiful colours, detailed patterns, and a range of facial markings. Many of these models could not have been pulled off before the introduction of the sticker masking.

A chalky version of the G1 Arabian Stallion is known to exist. There may be other chalky variations from this set.

While the 2004 set was the only set to be mixed G1/G2, the 2005 set was the only one to be exclusively G2. Like the 1998 Sears set, this collection included a pair of foals. All subsequent Parade of Breeds would follow this format - eight adults and two foals. This was the only time a G2 Mule would appear in a Parade of Breeds. According to the enclosed poster, the models were:

  • "Spotted Mule" (G2 Mule)
  • "Appaloosa, Chestnut" (G2 Scratching Foal)
  • "Appaloosa, Bay" (G2 Rearing Arabian)
  • "Paso Fino Cross, Buckskin Pinto" (G2 Paso Fino)
  • "Quarter Horse, Red Roan" (G2 Stock Horse)
  • "Appaloosa, Leopard" (G2 Scrambling Foal)
  • "Saddlebred, Black & White Pinto" (G2 American Saddlebred)
  • "Warmblood, Bay" (G2 Warmblood)
  • "Standardbred, Chestnut" (G2 Standardbred)
  • "Thoroughbred, Fleabitten Grey" (G2 Thoroughbred)

The colour palette for this set was quite dark and very heavy on the appaloosa patterns. The Standardbred was listed as a chestnut, but appears to be a very dark bay.

In 2006 the collections would again feature a mix of generations, this time G2 and G3.

Originally published January 27, 2017

Gift Set: Special Run Stablemate Assortments – Generation 3 Joins the Parade

The JCPenney Parade of Breeds sets continued to be released, now with G3 molds. For the first two years the sets only used G3 molds, while the two years after used a mix of G3 and G2 molds.

#410176 Stablemates Parade of Breeds (2006) is a set full of colour and pattern. The eight adults and two foals came with a poster showing the individual models and listing their breeds.

  • G3 Jumper - metallic bay "Selle Français"
  • G3 Highland Pony - dappled silver black tobiano "Icelandic Horse"
  • G3 Rearing Andalusian - black-going-grey blanket appaloosa "Appaloosa"
  • G3 Walking Arabian - metallic flaxen chestnut "Arabian"
  • G3 Friesian - dapple grey "Welsh Cob"
  • G3 Peruvian Paso - metallic red bay "Peruvian Paso"
  • G3 Standing Thoroughbred - metallic chestnut "Thoroughbred"
  • G3 Cantering Warmblood - metallic bay tobiano "Dutch Warmblood"
  • G3 Standing Foal - chestnut tobiano "Paint"
  • G3 Lying Foal - shaded grey "Hanoverian"

#410421 Stablemate Parade of Breeds (2007) is heavy on the grey and brown. The eight adults and two foals came with a poster showing the individual models and listing their breeds.

  • G3 Belgian - black "Percheron"
  • G3 Tennessee Walking Horse - shaded bay "Tennessee Walking Horse"
  • G3 Rearing Andalusian - soft grey "Andalusian"
  • G3 Standing Stock Horse - buckskin "Quarter Horse"
  • G3 Friesian - black tobiano "Gypsy Cob"
  • G3 Peruvian Paso - dapple grey "Peruvian Paso"
  • G3 Cantering Warmblood - silver bay "Warmblood"
  • G3 Standing Foal - chestnut "Trakehner"
  • G3 Lying Foal - red chestnut blanket appaloosa "Appaloosa Sport Horse"
  • G3 Mustang - black roan with war paint "Mustang"

This year the #410436 Stablemates Parade of Breeds (2008) set was back to bold colours and patterns. For the first time G2 molds were mixed with the G3s. The eight adults and two foals came with a poster showing the individual models and listing their breeds.

  • G3 Rearing Andalusian - Flaxen chestnut blanket appaloosa "Mustang"
  • G3 Belgian - bay "Russian Heavy Draft"
  • G3 Jumper - chestnut tobiano "Dutch Warmblood"
  • G2 Standardbred - black "American Standardbred"
  • G2 Stock Horse - dappled grey blanket appaloosa "Appaloosa"
  • G3 Standing Foal - shaded grey "Lipizzaner"
  • G2 Warmblood - dark bay "Hanoverian"
  • G3 Walking Arabian - flea-bitten grey "Arabian"
  • G3 Friesian - palomino "Cob"
  • G2 Trotting Foal - bay frame overo "American Paint Horse"

#410512 Stablemate Parade of Breeds (2009) like the 2008 set was flashy and of mixed generations. The eight adults and two foals came with a poster showing the individual models and listing their breeds.

  • G3 Friesian - bay "Cob"
  • G3 Cantering Warmblood - pearly silver bay blanket appaloosa "Appaloosa Sport Horse"
  • G3 Standing Stock Horse - flaxen chestnut blanket appaloosa "Appaloosa"
  • G3 Highland Pony - chestnut "Pony"
  • G3 Mustang - bay roan "Mustang"
  • G3 Belgian - dapple grey "Percheron"
  • G2 Andalusian - pearly white grey "Andalusian"
  • G2 Paso Fino - black tobiano "Paso Fino"
  • G2 Cantering Foal - dark grey "Quarter Horse"
  • G3 Lying Foal - pale chestnut "Trakehner"

The JCPenney Parade of Breed sets, after integrating the new G4 molds, would continue for two more years before finally being abandoned.

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