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Trotting Pony

Height: 85 mm (3.35 in)

Collection Model:
#43 Hamish

Pony and Rider Gymkhana Sets, Highland Pony

Grey with darker speckled shading, grey shaded legs, black shaded muzzle, dark grey hooves, black mane/tail

Came with: black English saddle & bridle, purple saddle pad, hair ribbons, pink finger brush (curry comb), breed card

Young Rider: blond hair & blue eyes, light pink t-shirt, bright blue vest, orange jodhpurs, white boots, bright blue helmet

Collection Model:
#49 Samantha

Pony and Rider Assortment, Galiceno

Cream with tan or brown shading on legs, pale flaxen mane/tail

Came with: pink English saddle & bridle, purple saddle pad, hair ribbons, purple finger brush (curry comb), & breed card.

Young Rider: blond hair & blue eyes, lavender shirt with pink collar, white jodhpurs, tan boots, grey helmet

Came with a pure black, unnamed Arabian as a bonus model

Magazine Model:
#27 Pampass

Breed: Criollo

Brown with black shaded pasterns, chestnut mane/tail

Magazine Model:
#32 Inca

Breed: Peruvian Paso

White with white mane/tail

Magazine Model:
#37 Mishka

Breed: Orlov Trotter

Off-white with tan shaded pasterns & muzzle, black hooves, chestnut mane/tail

Magazine Model:
#46 High Jinks

Breed: American Saddlebred

Orange with black shaded legs & muzzle, white mane/tail

Animal Hospital:
Pony Care Set

Kira the pony

White with grey shaded pasterns & muzzle, light flaxen mane/tail.

Came with: blue English saddle & bridle, lilac saddle pad, green/white striped pole, blue bucket, pink curry comb, yellow cleaning supplies, white vet kit, silver stethoscope, yellow bale of hay, orange/yellow broom, stickers, ribbons, beads, & red/white standing spaniel.

Rider: blond hair & blue eyes, white jacket, pink shirt, blue jodhpurs, black boots, black helmet.