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Collection Model:
#18 Princess

Gymkhana Playset, Appaloosa

Dark brown with white appaloosa "blanket", black mane/tail, black eyes with eye-whites.

Came with: grey English saddle & bridle, red saddle pad, leg wraps, & heart brush, blue rosette, hair beads, & breed card.

Jump accessories was a dark green hedge jump studded with yellow roses, bound by a pair of grey stone uprights; a flat water obstacle; pink gate jump supported by orange-brown uprights with dark green hedges studded with yellow roses, topped by pink flags

Rider with blond hair & blue eyes, black dress jacket, white shirt, red jodhpurs, black/red riding helmet, & black boots

Collection Model:
#41 Maria

Vet Care Playset, Maremmaro

Brown with lighter shedding on belly & legs, colour-change leg wound (often absent or worn away), black mane/tail

Came with: pink gate jump with yellow stone jump standards, black English saddle & bridle, pink saddle pad & horse blanket, hair beads & ribbons, a heart brush in yellow or light green, pink bucket, white vet kit, stethoscope, light pink bandages, and breed card

Rider: blond hair with blue eyes, white vet coat, light lilac t-shrit, pink vest, white jodhpurs, black boots