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Welsh Cob

Height: 104 mm (4.09 in)

Collection Model:
#12 Lucia

Mother and Foal Collection, Andalusians

Red-brown with black shaded legs & muzzle, chestnut hair

Came with: mare & Foal rugs in purple, pink leg wraps, breed card, heart brush (pink or lilac), hair beads & ribbons

Collection Model:
#15 Romeo

Wedding Carriage, sometimes called "Julia’s Crystal Wedding Carriage", Cob

White with pale pinkish-cream shaded legs & muzzle, pink hooves, white mane/tail

Came with: pale pink carriage with light blue wheels, pink-tinted clear carriage hood, pink leg wraps for the horses, pink heart brush, breed card for each horse, and a blond bride in white wedding dress, with matching veil & bouquet.

Collection Model:
#15 Romeo

Silver horse variation

White with silvery-grey shaded legs & muzzle, white mane/tail