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Walking Horse

Height: 106 mm (4.17 in)

Collection Model:
#19 Rusty, Cleveland Bay

Showtime Stables Set

Orange-brown with dark grey hooves, black mane/tail

Came with: cream-coloured stable with red roof, bright blue cupola & horse weather vane, & blue doors,two working lights, two stalls, tack room, and grooming stall.
Accessories also included a cardboard play mat with pasture/arena print, pink bucket, pitchfork, a hay bale, blue grooming brush, & winner’s cup

Rusty's tack was a light brown English saddle & bridle, pink saddle pad & leg wraps, hair braids, ribbons & beads, & breed card

Rider: blond hair with blue eyes, bright pink jacket, white jodhpurs, pink/black helmet, & black boots.

Collection Model:
#20 Romany

Gymkhana Play Set, Mustang

Yellowy-orange with darker shaded legs, black mane/tail

Came with: black English saddle & bridle, lilac saddle pad, leg wraps, & brush, hair accessories, blue rosette, & breed card

Jump accessories included a bright blue wall jump topped with uprights topped with red-orange shingled roofs and two flags; a pink gate jump held up with grey stone jump standards

Rider: blonde with blue eyes, purple jacket, light grey jodhpurs, purple/black riding helmet, & black boots.

Collection Model:
#28 Prancer

Hair Fashion Fillies, Tennessee Walker

Grey with speckled grey shading, dark shaded muzzle, white mane/tail

Came with: a bottle of blue hair dye, hair beads, a pink ribbon sash, & breed card

I Love Ponies:
Wild West Wagon & Pony Play Set


Orange-brown with white pinto patches, four stockings, white face, brown eyes with white dots, chestnut mane/tail

Came with: pink waggon with lilac wheels & white cover, purple bridle & "harness" (basically lines from the bridle to the waggon with nothing in between), & purple bedroll.

Rider: Blond hair & blue eyes, white jacket & jeans, purple boots, pink cowboy hat

I Love Ponies:

Dark brown with air-brushed spotted appaloosa "blanket", eye-whites, brown mane/tail

I Love Ponies:
Pony Camp Adventure Set

Candy the pony

Orange with four air-brushed stockings, tan hooves, chestnut mane/tail

Came with: lime green English saddle & bridle, yellow saddle pad, pink bucket, green/purple camp stove, camp fire, purple lantern, pink sleeping bag, sponge, ribbons, hair clips, & pink/white tent.

Rider: Blond hair & blue eyes, light pink shirt, white under-shirt, purple jeans, sea-green boots, purple helmet.

I Love Ponies:
Pony Day Out

Pickle the New Forest

White with white mane/tail

Came with: chestnut Show Pony & rider, pink/purple sports car, pink/white horsebox, purple English saddle & bridle, white picnic blanket, yellow picnic basket

Rider: blond hair & blue eyes, pink t-shirt, white under-shirt, yellow jodhpurs, black boots.

I Love Ponies:
Wild West Pony and Cowgirl set


Dark red-brown with eye-whites, white mane/tail

Came with: blue Western saddle & bridle, pink saddle pad, pink brush, stickers, ribbons, hair clips

Rider: brown hair, lime green shirt, bright pink vest, blue jeans, purple boots, pink cowboy hat.