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Trotting Horse

Height: 112 mm (4.41 in)

Collection Model:
#27 Dixie

Hair Fashion Fillies, American Saddlebred

Yellow-orange plastic with speckled shading, black shaded muzzle, black hooves, white mane/tail

Came with: a bottle of pink hair dye, hair ribbons, a blue plastic rosette, & breed card

Collection Model:
#42 Whisper

Showtime Training Play Set, Holsteiner

Grey with speckled shading, black shaded muzzle, with pink hooves, colour-change muddy legs, black mane/tail

Came with: brown English saddle & bridle, pink saddle pad, pink heart brush, pink, yellow, & green ribbons, hair beads, pink cones, yellow gate jump with brown jump standards with white poles, pink/white jump poles, brown whip, & breed card.

Rider: brown hair, yellow shirt turquoise jeans, brown coat, brown cowboy hat

Collection Model:
#47 Apache

Trekking and Camping Play Set, Pinto

Orange with splashy pinto pattern, tan hooves, white splashy facial marking covering the muzzle, chestnut mane/tail

Came with: black pack saddle, black bridle, red saddle pad, bright pink finger brush (curry comb), & breed card

Pink/green sleeping bag, blue picnic blanket, two white plates, two pink mugs, forks, & spoons, two silver pots (one large, one small), one white coffee pot, light up fire with cooking spit

Rider: brown hair with blue eyes, yellow shirt, sea-green jeans, green jacket, sea-green jeans, black boots, brown cowboy hat.