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Height: 120 mm (4.72 in)

Collection Model:
#9 Toby

Horse and Rider Collection, Thoroughbred

Brown with lighter brown mane/tail, black shaded legs

Came with: brown English saddle & bridle, sea-green saddle pad & leg wraps, sea-green heart brush, hair ribbons, & breed card.

Rider - Mandy: light brown hair with blue eyes, sea-green shirt, yellow jodhpurs, tan boots; white tabard; sea-green/black riding helmet.

Collection Model:
#17 Chieftain

Gymkhana Play Set, Thoroughbred

Orange, black shaded legs & muzzle, chestnut mane/tail

Came with: brown English saddle & bridle, pink saddle pad, leg wraps, & heart brush, blue rosette, hair accessories & breed card.

Jump accessories were a pair of hedge jump standards (dark green with yellow roses), two red & white banded poles, a pair of pink brick jump standards, two sea-green & white banded poles

Rider with chestnut hair, fuchsia short-sleeved shirt, white jodhpurs, white tabard, pink/black helmet, & black boots.

Collection Model:
#38 Black Beauty

Black Beauty Gift Set

Black with star, faint white shading on muzzle, black mane/tail

Came with: pink halter ribbon sash, & hair ribbon, & breed card

Shared accessories: purple brush, pink brush, & hair beads.

Re-released as part the Animal Hospital series in the Animal Hospital 4x4 and Horsebox play set as Jet

Collection Model:
#54 Brandy

Horse of the Year Superset

Dark brown, shaded black legs & muzzle, black mane/tail

Came with: red English saddle & bridle, orange saddle pad, green finger brush (curry comb), & breed card.

Also included pink working stopwatch, eight poles (white with yellow, red, or green bands), eight jump blocks (two each in pink, sea-green, yellow, & lilac), two pink cones, blue rosette, gold trophy, eight light grey horseshoes, & tan hoof pick

Rider: blond hair & blue eyes,red riding jacket, white shirt, white jodhpurs, black boots, red helmet with tan strap

Magazine Model:
#42 Klaus

Breed: Oldenburg

White with light flaxen mane/tail

Mystery Model:
White Thoroughbred

Possibly a white variant of Magazine Model: #42 Klaus

White with white mane/tail