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Pawing Horse

Height: 109 mm (4.3 in)

Collection Model:
#52 Mystic

Riding School Play Set, Lusitano

Pale greyish-cream, dark brown shaded legs & muzzle, black mane/tail

Model paws at the ground when its head is lowered

Came with: bright blue English saddle & bridle, yellow glow-in-the-dark saddle pad, yellow glow-in-the-dark leg wraps, pink finger brush (curry comb), & breed card

Also included pink gate jump with blue jump standards with white poles, two purple/white banded jump poles with blue supports, tow pink cones.

Rider: blond hair & blue eyes, green t-shirt, long yellow duster coat, yellow glow-in-the-dark tabard, green/white helmet, tan boots.

Also later available through PONY Magazine

Animal Hospital:
Pony Rescue

Thought to be named Angel

Off-white with grey shaded legs & muzzle, brown eyes, white hair, colour-change wound

Came with: purple English saddle & bridle, lilac saddle pad, light pink curry comb, bright pink bucket, white sponge, yellow towel, teal vet bag, hair ribbons, silver stethoscope.

Rider: blond hair, teal t-shirt, white jodhpurs, purple boots, pink/white helmet.

I Love Ponies:
Horse Rescue

Dixie, Missouri Foxtrotter

Orange with four air-brushed socks, white muzzle, brown eyes, colour-change wound, flaxen mane/tail

Came with: purple English saddle & bridle, lilac saddle pad, yellow towel, pink bucket & curry comb, sponge, & stickers.

Rider: Brown hair & blue eyes, lilac t-shirt, pink undershirt, white jodhpurs, black boots, pink/white helmet.

I Love Ponies:
Chief the Pinto

Orange-brown with white pinto patches, four stockings, white face, chestnut mane/tail