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Height: 113 mm (4.45 in)

Collection Model:
#5 Treasure

Beautiful Horse Collection, Palomino

Yellowy body, shaded legs & muzzle, (ranging from dark grey to brown, to pale beige), white mane/tail

Came with: hair braids, breed card, & yellow heart brush

Collection Model:
#8 Apache

Horse and Rider Collection, Quarter Horse

Orange-brown with black shaded legs, chestnut mane/tail

Came with: Black Western saddle & bridle, red saddle pad, hair braids, red heart brush, & breed card.

Rider - Naomi: blond hair & blue eyes, yellow/pink shirt, pink jeans, brown cowboy hat& boots.

Collection Model:
#37 Prince

Eventing Set, Hanoverian

Black with faint white shading on muzzle, three socks, black mane/tail

Came with: grey English saddle & bridle, red saddle pad & leg wraps, hair braids, pink finger brush (curry comb), breed card

Rider: blond hair, red jacket, white jodhpurs, blue-grey boots, blue-grey/orange helmet with red strap

Collection Model:
#45 Pippin

Shampoo Magic Horse and Rider Set, Appaloosa

Dark brown with spotted appaloosa "blanket", chestnut mane/tail

Came with: Brown English saddle & bridle, red saddle pad, hair beads, red finger brush (curry comb), & breed card.

Also included little bottles of shampoo, and stickers.

Rider: Blond hair & blue eyes, lime green shirt, off-white jodhpurs, black boots, lime green helmet with tan chin strap (these were a new style).

Collection Model:
Pony and Rider Assortment Bonus Model

Unnamed model with no accessories. While it has no official name, collectors often call this model "Flash"

Yellow-tan, four air-brushed socks, airbrushed white face, tan hooves, flaxen mane/tail

I Love Ponies:
Pony Show Play Set

Coco the Haflinger

Red-brown with white mane/tail, unpainted eyes & hooves

Came with: pink/white fold out horsebox/camper, lime green English Saddle & bridle, various accessories. Rider: blond hair, purple jacket, pink jodhpurs, green boots; blond hair red jacket, white jodhpurs, black boots.