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Height: 110 mm (4.33 in)

Collection Model:
#4 Jet

Beautiful Horse Collection, Arabian

Black with faint white shading on muzzle, stripe, black mane/tail

Came with: hair beads, breed card, & green heart brush

Collection Model:
#10 Bianca

Mother and Foal Collection, Andalusians

Light grey with lightly shaded body, shaded grey legs & muzzle, dark grey hooves, white mane/tail

Came with: mare & Foal rugs in pink with purple trim, pink leg wraps, breed card, heart brush (pink or lilac), hair beads & ribbons

Collection Model:
#36 Ivan

Eventing Set, Budyonny

Brown with black shading on legs & face, black mane/tail

Came with: orange cross-country saddle (cross-country stamped on the underside) & bridle, yellow saddle pad & leg wraps, hair beads, pink finger brush (curry comb), breed card

Rider: blond hair, orange riding shirt with yellow vest, orange jodhpurs, tan boots, yellow helmet with orange strap

Collection Model:
#51 Belle

Vet 'n' Care Play Set, Missouri Fox Trotter

Orange-tan with three stockings, tan hooves, large blaze, chestnut mane/tail, & colour-change injury

Came with: red saddle & bridle, yellow saddle pad, white vet kit box, silver stethoscope, white bandage, four off-white horse shoes, buff hoof pick, sponge, red finger brush (curry comb), pink bucket, bandage stickers, hair ribbons, & breed card.

Rider: blond hair & blue eyes, white jacket, blue jeans, pink/white riding helmet

Sometimes came with two bonus foals - white Pony Foal, chestnut Foal

Collection Model:
Pony and Rider Assortment Bonus Model

Unnamed model with no accessories.

Black with black mane/tail

Animal Hospital:
Horse Rescue and Recovery Play Set

Molly the Arabian

Pale yellow, orange-tan shaded pasterns & muzzle, white mane/tail

Came with: purple & white jeep, white & teal horse box, purple English saddle & bridle, yellow saddle pad, 2 pink & 2 purple jump blocks, purple/white & green/white & pink/white poles, 2 pink cones, bright pink bucket, light pink curry comb, teal vet bag, 4 grey clip-on horse shoes.

Rider: blond hair & blue eyes, purple jacket, pink jodhpurs, teal boots, pink/white helmet.

Later sold by I Love Ponies. This model was also appears to have been included in the I Love Ponies Pony Show Play Set.

Animal Hospital:
Horse Rescue Set

Possibly called Rocky

Orange-tan with three stockings, blaze, brown eyes, light flaxen mane/tail

Came with: blue English saddle & bridle, lilac saddle pad, hot pink bucket, yellow towel, pink curry comb, white vet bag, yellow ribbons, sitting Dalmatian puppy.

Rider: blond hair & blue eyes, white shirt, blue jodhpurs, black boots, pink/white helmet.

Later sold by I Love Ponies

I Love Ponies:
Blossom Hill Riding School

Snowdrop the Lipizzaner

Very light grey with white mane/tail

Came with: dark bay Standing Pony, chestnut Show Pony, pink/white stable, brown fencing, pink/purple jump, three blue cones, three yellow bales of hay, pink trophy, 2 blue jump blocks, 2 pink jump blocks, two blue-striped poles, blue English saddle & bridle, 3 riders.

AniMagic Rescue Hospital:
Horse Rescue

Rosie the horse

Brown with three socks, white shaded muzzle, dark chestnut mane/tail

Came with: bright pink English saddle & bridle, red/white sitting hound

Rider: short sculpted brown hair & brown eyes, purple shirt, pink jeans, pink shoes.