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Apple-Eating Horse

Height: * Measurement Needed * mm ( in)

Collection Model:
#48 Prince

Magic Feeding Fun Set, Suffolk Punch

Brown, three socks, black hooves, black mane/tail, buff-coloured baskets attached to both hips.

Came with: black Western saddle & bridle, hair ribbons, pink finger brush & breed card.

Other accessories included a brown rail fence on a green base, a brown trough filled with hay which hooked onto the fence, red & green apples which fit into the hay of the trough, & a pink bucket

Rider: Blond hair & blue eyes, purple t-shirt, red jacket, white jodhpurs, light grey boots, purple/white helmet

Pressing Prince's head down causes his mouth to open. Doing this over his food trough will make him pick up an apple which then appears in his baskets.

I Love Ponies:
Magic Pony Care Paddock

Romany the Tennessee Walker

Orange with four socks, blaze, chestnut mane/tail, yellow hip baskets.

Came with: yard/pasture base (green grass with tree/yellow hay footing with yellow stone wall & brown gate) with pink water pump and pink arching sign/handle. Pink saddle & bridle, green apples.

Rider: blond hair & blue eyes, pink jacket, white shirt, yellow jodhpurs, black boots.