Julip Identification

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For our purposes here, vintage refers to any mould not currently in production. Some of the moulds have been re-released with very little alteration to the original form, while other re-releases have been slightly updated or even heavily re-sculpted.

Only moulds which are not currently in production or are significantly different from the current incarnation of the mould are listed here.

Vintage Child's Hunter

The plaster moulds used to make the models tend to wear out rather quickly, requiring the mould to be recast from an existing model. This process results in models which are smaller and less detailed than the original.

Since the latex takes awhile to cure, most of the horse moulds have multiple plaster moulds so as to speed up the production process, and there are often tiny differences between these moulds.

Latex also continues to cure as it ages, so some models can experience shrinkage and/or distortion.

These factors result in variations in the models produced and can make mould identification difficult in some cases. A category for Unknown moulds exists for this reason.