Julip Identification

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Vintage Child's Hunter

For our purposes here, vintage refers to any mold not currently in production. Some of the molds have been re-released with very little alteration to the original form, while others have been completely replaced by new molds.

Only molds which are not currently in production are listed here. With the assistance of experienced collectors and a handful of old catalogues, I have done my best to provide dates and relevant information for these molds, though some of the dates are simply a guess at a general time period.

A *very* poorly
Vintage Child's Hunter

Identifying the mold of a vintage Julip model is not as straightforward as it is with the "hard" model horse brands. Improper storage, fluctuations in temperature, damage from play or pets are all factors which can complicate identification.

Latex is a material which continues to cure over the years, so even a properly stored model can suffer distortions simply from the passage of time.

Sometimes a model is so damaged, and/or rare that it cannot be identified. A category for Unknown molds exists for this reason.