Julip Identification

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Animals have been a part of the Julip brand from the beginning. Lavender Dower was originally a doll artist and restored rocking horses and when she developed the first soft Julips, horses were only a part of the larger animal line-up.

A collection of current Julip Dogs

Julip's animal molds are creatures you would expect to find in or around any well-stocked stable. Cats and dogs of several types play a large role, but at various times foxes, doves, pheasants, rabbits, and even rats could be purchased.

Some of the earlier molds are still in use while other have been resculpted and some completely new molds have been added.

Models can be roughly dated by the style in which the eyes are painted and by mold detail. As time passes the molds wear down and lose much of their detail; more detail means an earlier production date.

The revival of the Julip Originals brought about the introduction of several new molds, with subsequent years seeing a couple of new additions each year.

Customizations such as long hair are available for most molds and lengthened legs, wired limbs, and custom ears and tails are available where the sculpture makes such changes possible.