Julip Identification

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Over the years Julip has produced many, many molds. A large number of them are still in production and there's always the exciting possibility of one of the vintage molds being resurrected.

Julip models are found in two different types, Horse of the Year (HOTY) and Julip Originals. Only the Originals are currently in production.

Julip Originals are of the traditional Julip style - latex bodies with a soft filler and wire legs. These are created by hand and each is finished to a high standard with detailed and realistic colours and mohair or nylon manes and tails.

Many Julips of this type are the result of custom orders, while others are left to the whim of the artist; the latter are released as "spares".

From 1995 to 2009, a range of catalogue models were produced. These are in the Original style, but feature a specific range of characters which were fairly uniform in colour and design.

The second type of Julip is the Horse of the Year range (or HOTY for short), a toy line introduced in 1990 and were produced by Julip Horses, Ltd.

These models are mass-produced in fairly simple colours. The earliest models are of a soft rubber while the later models are quite hard. HOTY models are not poseable and feature synthetic hair and a set catalogue of colours.