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Footnotes: On Spares

Spares, models which were not catalogue models or painted as special orders, have been produced by Julip from the beginning. These models are more or less one of a kind, though there is nothing preventing one from commissioning a special order copy of a spare or the painters from duplicating their design on another model.

Spares in the wild at Julip Live, 2015

Spares could be purchased in person from the Beauchamp Place shop, at events or shows, or via mail order. Those placing an order by mail could request a specific colour or could request a random colour on one of the available molds.

The sale of spares at a show goes fast, with most being sold within minutes. The picture above is an extremely rare sight - leftover spares at a show. Pictures of a spares frenzy in action are believed to be a myth as the action moves too fast for the camera.

When Annabel took over, spares could be purchased in person at events which Julip attended or hosted, or batches would be offered through the website at random times. Collectors made their choice from a list describing each model; pictures weren't offered until 2008 when a small batch of spares were sold through eBay.

Julip later went back to text descriptions, but kept a gallery page of past spares, though this proved difficult to keep updated. The March 4, 2012 batch of mail-order spares were the only batch besides the eBay spares to be viewable before purchase

Spares Night on the Forum

From 2007 through 2008, a somewhat controversial line of spares called the Realism Range could be purchased through ebay and were listed with pictures.

Spares are now offered several times a year through the J-Club Forum; these events are called Spares Nights and usually begin at 7pm on a Sunday. Models are listed with pictures and descriptions one at a time and the first person to post "buy" in the comment section is entitled to purchase the model. Competition is fierce and models are usually sold within seconds.