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Footnotes: On Mold Replacements

Vintage & Current Thoroughbreds

While some molds have been discontinued and then reintroduced with only the slight alterations to be expected from the re-casting process, and others have been re-sculpted into "new" molds, some vintage molds were retired and then replaced by a similar, but completely new mold of the same name.

Vintage molds which have been replaced by new Current molds include, but are not limited to:

  • Arab Mare - from a leggy model with a small head to a better proportioned walking model

  • Arab Stallion - from a leggy standing model to a better proportioned walking model

  • Donkey - from a large headed and slightly down-hill model to a better proportioned more upright model

  • Donkey Foal - from a small, very upright standing model to a better proportioned and more relaxed model

  • Lipizzaner - from a longer bodied, more extended model to a shorter-bodied, more collected model

  • Thoroughbred - from a very leggy model looking straight ahead to a more compact model looking to the left

  • Yearling - from a arch-necked frolicking model to an upright, standing model

If a mold has replaced or been replaced by another mold, it will be noted in the header notes on the individual mold page.