Julip Identification

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Footnotes: On Mouth Letters

Correctly dating a Julip Original can be a difficult task. Phyiscal characteristics can be inconsistent between models and can change through age, damage, or owner-intervention.

Vintage Julips have one advantage later models do not - mouth letters. Starting in 1971 with A the majority of vintage models left the Julip workshop with a (usually) capital letter written in their mouth indicating the year of production.

Other markings which are found on vintage models have less concrete explanations. It is thought that the letter R found on the bottom of a hoof on some models indicates they were rejected for some reason or another - perhaps due to flaws or general customer dissatisfaction.

The last known number is thought to be T in 1990. In the latter years the practise of mouth lettering had become irregular, so some vintage models may not be marked, even though they fall within the proper era.