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Footnotes: On HOTY to Original

Not all new Original moulds are new sculptures. Some of them have been adapted from the Horse of the Year moulds.

Some of the HOTY moulds were sculpted with open mouths so they could accept a bit, and when the HOTY Family Pony was first Originalized, the mouth was left open, but the look proved unpopular, so when the mould was brought back, the mouth was sculpted shut. This operation became standard for any open-mouthed HOTYS when adapting them as an Original.

The altered moulds are produced like a standard Original with wired legs and fine hair manes and tails.

The following HOTY moulds have been produced as Originals Catalogue Models, Spares, and Special Orders:

  • HOTY Arab Champion to Originals Arabian (2008)
  • HOTY Cob to Original Working Hunter (2008)
  • HOTY Family Pony to Originals Mustang (1995)
  • HOTY Foal to Originals Clydesdale Foal (2000)
  • HOTY Horse to Originals Sport Horse (2007)
  • HOTY Pony to Originals Stock Horse (2015)