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Lab Rat Tango, previously Tanaqui's Page of Useless Information, has evolved away from the typical late-90s teenager's website into a number of separate projects:

  • My model horse business, Magpie Model Horses with its companion site, Counting Magpies.
  • Many Mini Hooves, a blog detailing the extensive history of the Breyer Stablemates line. (No longer updated since Magpie Model Horses opened and converted into a website in 2022)
  • The creatively named Julip Identification, a site which documents the history of the Julip brand and provides a visual record of the models produced.
  • In March of 2021, The Rubber Tree was added to our ID site stable. This site attempts to document the known British latex brands, both past and present, providing a history of each brand and, where possible, examples of each known mold.
  • The My Beautiful Horse Gallery was created in May of 2021 to provide a quick and easy identification resource for the My Beautiful Horse/I Love Ponies/Animal Hospital models.
  • I started working on A Pocket Full of Ponies, my ID site for the fuzzy Pony In My Pocket models right after finishing the My Beautiful Horse Gallery, but life got a bit chaotic, and it didn't go live until May 2022.
  • And finally, the main Lab Rat site which now hosts a catalogue of my model horse collection and dollhouse projects.