The Lab Rat Tango Project

Lab Rat Tango, previously Tanaqui's Page of Useless Information, has evolved away from the typical late-90s teenager's website into a number of separate projects:

Our newest venture, Magpie Model Horses with its companion site, Counting Magpies.

Many Mini Hooves, a blog detailing the extensive history of the Breyer Stablemates line. (No longer updated since Magpie Model Horses opened)

The creatively named Julip Identification, a site which seeks to document the history of the Julip brand and to provide a visual record of the models produced.

And a couple of fun projects - Stories From Farfrae Farm, a casual blog featuring my Julip herd and Trillium Gracile Farm, a little site which showcases my tiny herd of Equorum models.